Website Traffic Sources

Website traffic can come from different sources:

  • Direct – Direct traffic is anyone who types your domain name into the browser and visits your site, well, directly. There are some technical exceptions to this, but generally, this type of traffic is the fruit of your offline marketing efforts.
  • Referral – Referrals are when a visitors clicks a link to your site from another web page. You could be paying to have another website link to yours or a link could be posted voluntarily by someone on another site; all of these are considered referrals.
  • Organic – Organic traffic occurs when someone performs a search on a search engine, such as Google, and clicks on your site link in the results page. This type of traffic generally requires that you optimize your site so that it ranks high on the results page for your targeted keywords.

Marketing Logic

There are three major obstacles that must be overcome in any marketing effort:

  1. Those who are looking for you may never find you. – Do you know where your potential customers are looking for you? How well have you positioned your company there?
  2. Those who find you may not listen to you. – Most people stop listening when you immediately start selling to them. What have you done to hold their attention?  What have you offered to your potential customers of value or interest to them?
  3. Those who listen to you may not trust you. – Trust can only be earned. Do you allow potential customers to try your product or service for free? What guarantees do you offer? How well have you addressed all of your customer’s concerns?

Quality Communications

Ever noticed how businesses try to get noticed by talking louder, using bigger signs, sending more mail and handing out more business cards? That doesn’t really work anymore. I turn the radio station when advertisers start yelling at me, I don’t really look at those billboards anymore, and if you cram more mail in my mailbox or push your business card on me it goes straight into the trash. So now businesses are doing things differently. They have moved their efforts online. Now they use pop-up ads that talk, create punch-the-monkey banner ads, send lots of e-mails advertising their latest product and relentlessly send links to their homepage using Twitter. That doesn’t work either…