WordCamp Asheville 2017

WordPress is an awesome platform with a vibrant community of developers and a huge market share. Even though WordPress developers are a dime a dozen, it can still be difficult to find developers who really know their craft. Don’t be “just another WordPress developer”. Learn how to create a roadmap for growth, hone your craft, … Continue reading WordCamp Asheville 2017

Using Composer with WordPress

Composer is a command line dependency management tool designed for PHP. Come learn how Composer can help you: Simplify new project creation Minimize duplication of code in your project repositories Quickly install and update plugins and themes in bulk Manage versioning within your project Follow best practices when managing code for your projects     … Continue reading Using Composer with WordPress

Advanced Development Workflows

Learn what it looks like to work with a team of developers and have advanced workflows that include dependency management, task runners, pre-commit hooks, automated testing, code review, multiple environments, build systems and automated deployments. We’ll cover the high level concepts and reasoning behind each, as well as the tools available and how they can … Continue reading Advanced Development Workflows

Managing a WordPress Project

Managing a WordPress project is difficult since clients often don’t know what they need, or sometimes even what to expect. On the other hand, designers and developers may move forward with solutions without full buy-in from the client. All too often, clients put their trust in a process they don’t understand and are disappointed with … Continue reading Managing a WordPress Project

Debugging in PHP

The art of debugging code requires a good understanding of the code base and logical deduction skills. A good debugging tool is like a code mentor that can walk you through the code and help you better understand what is going on, but the deductive reasoning is still up to you. In this session, you … Continue reading Debugging in PHP

Troubleshooting WordPress Issues

WordPress is awesome, but everyone runs into issues now and then. Whether you own, maintain or build WordPress sites, troubleshooting is skill set that will save you time and money. Learn about the types of issues you may encounter and how to diagnose them. Follow the step-by-step processes to help find the root cause and … Continue reading Troubleshooting WordPress Issues

PHPStorm: The WordPress IDE

PhpStorm is a cross-platform, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that delivers a deep integration with WordPress. Come learn how to: Navigate WordPress core like a pro Automatically format your code according to WordPress coding standards Automatically scan your code for issues Utilize advanced debugging capabilities Integrate with tools like Git, Vagrant, Composer, PHPUnit and WP-CLI Easily … Continue reading PHPStorm: The WordPress IDE

Validating, Sanitizing and Escaping in WordPress Themes and Plugins

How secure is your WordPress theme or plugin? Are you confident that you have protected yourself, your clients or your users against the most common hacks? Validating, sanitizing and escaping are techniques that are foundational to the security of your website, application or software product. Learn how WordPress makes it easy for you to secure … Continue reading Validating, Sanitizing and Escaping in WordPress Themes and Plugins

Advanced WordPress Plugin Development

Developing or maintaining plugins that are used by large audiences requires a certain degree of fool-proofing and forward-thinking. Beyond best practices, there are a number of architecture considerations that impact ease of maintenance, usability and your ability to provide higher levels of support. We will explore a number of high-volume plugins and what they have … Continue reading Advanced WordPress Plugin Development

The WordPress Way

Learn how to properly utilize WordPress functions for plugin and theme development. “The WordPress Way” was presented at WordCamp Atlanta 2014.