Quality Communications

Ever noticed how businesses try to get noticed by talking louder, using bigger signs, sending more mail and handing out more business cards? That doesn’t really work anymore. I turn the radio station when advertisers start yelling at me, I don’t really look at those billboards anymore, and if you cram more mail in my mailbox or push your business card on me it goes straight into the trash. So now businesses are doing things differently. They have moved their efforts online. Now they use pop-up ads that talk, create punch-the-monkey banner ads, send lots of e-mails advertising their latest product and relentlessly send links to their homepage using Twitter. That doesn’t work either…

People listen to companies that are:

  1. RelevantDo you offer something that I want or need?
    This is my first personal spam filter that must be overcome. If you don’t offer something relevant, I’m not interested. In order to be relevant, you must know your customers and target them carefully.
  2. PleasantDo you treat me with respect?
    I don’t care how relevant your products and services are if you insult my intelligence or annoy me, I am going to do business with someone else. How do your customers typically respond to your message?
  3. HelpfulDo you really care about helping me reach my goals?
    It’s obvious when a company isn’t passionate about helping their customers. If you are just out to make another sale, how can I count on you to provide support in the future? How far are you and your staff willing to go to help a customer or even a potential customer?
  4. Trustworthy
    Do you make an effort to earn my confidence?
    Don’t ask me to commit based on your word alone! I want to try it out myself or at least hear from someone who has. How has your company established ‘social proof’ that you can be counted on?

How well does your company’s marketing efforts line up with these traits?

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