Common Business Uses for Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to advertise, but social media is more than just getting the word out.  So how are companies using social media currently?

Developing a Social Media Strategy

A lot of businesses are starting to realize the importance of becoming involved in social media.  What stumps most businesses is where to start and how to develop a strategy that will work for them…

Impact of Web Design on Conversion Rate Optimization

When looking at your conversion rate and the effectiveness of your landing pages, it is important to take into account the overall design.  A poor quality design for your site can severely impact your conversion rate…

Local Business Search Marketing

All too often, I talk to small businesses that are trying to target their local market and want to do search engine optimization.  They try to target high volume search terms such as ‘lawn care’ or ‘electricians’.  If you are trying to reach your local area through online marketing, there are some simple things that… Read More

Sitemaps – What are they and do I need one?

Most people understand what a sitemap is… it is a map of your website!  What most people don’t understand is that there are different types of sitemaps and different reasons for having them.

Website Analytics for Beginners

Learn how to set up the free Google Analytics tracking software on your website. Set up your dashboard to include some basic metrics that will help you understand your customers and how they use your site.

Conversion Rate

What is a conversion rate? A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website who complete a transaction.   A  transaction for an e-commerce site is usually a sale. Transactions can be different for every site and could be a free download, newsletter subscription, donation, quote request or other activity.

The Use of Forms on Landing Pages

Three factors that influence form completion on landing pages: Form Length – One of the major deterrents to completing a transaction online is a form that is overwhelmingly long. If you can’t see all the required fields in one screen, it is definitely too long. Businesses will often ask the sales team what information they… Read More

How Search Engines Work

Search Engine Optimization is the art of taking a website and helping search engines, such as Google, realize the importance and relevance of the site for specific search terms. Search engines utilize automated software to find, read, record, rank and return web pages.