Impact of Web Design on Conversion Rate Optimization

When looking at your conversion rate and the effectiveness of your landing pages, it is important to take into account the overall design.  A poor quality design for your site can severely impact your conversion rate…

Nobody but you can measure the impact of your site’s design on your conversion rate.  It is important to always test the different elements of your site to see what is most effective.  Here is a list of site design elements that you may want to test:

  • Colors – Different colors can represent different things in people’s minds.  It is important that the colors you use on your site line up with what you are trying to communicate to your visitors.
  • Images – Knowing your site demographics and what is appealing to them is helpful, but getting feedback on specific images through testing can be invaluable.  Did you know that having an image of a person looking in the direction of your call to action on the page has typically proven more effective than having images of people looking at the user or in other directions?
  • Layout – The overall layout of the page can have an impact on conversion.  You want to make sure the layout is not distracting and highlights the most important thing: your call to action.  Also, make sure that your call to action is ‘above the fold’  (i.e. high enough on the page that the user doesn’t have to scroll down).
  • Fonts – Many people overlook this, but certain fonts are just plain hard to read.  Make sure that you don’t try to get too fancy.
  • Browser Compatibility – This really isn’t something that you would do split testing or multivariate testing for, but you definitely want to test and see if your design looks the same in the browsers that your visitors use.  If a large portion of your visitors see a wrecked layout, you can bet that they aren’t going to convert…

These are the major design elements that you will want to test and play around with.  Remember, you can always test these elements on a single page before rolling out changes for your entire site.  If you are looking to redesign your site, it is best to test first and see what your users like and respond to most.

For those of you who have tested these elements on your own site, what were the results?

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