New Plugin Release: Simple Website Redirect

Piggybacking off of my last post regarding how to redirect an entire website except for the WordPress admin, I’m announcing the release of a new plugin: Simple Website Redirect.

After being asked by someone “Where do I put the code?”, I went looking knowing I would find a plugin that does the same thing that I could recommend for a non-developer type. However, what I found is that there isn’t a single plugin in the plugin repository that made it easy for people to redirect an entire website.

This plugin allows you to set the URL you want to redirect to, select whether to use a permanent or temporary redirect and toggle the redirect functionality on and off from a very simple admin screen.

When enabled, redirects happen on the front end of the site while still allowing the WordPress admin to be accessible. All redirects will retain the URL path and query string for further handling on the new site.

Since it is a plugin, it doesn’t matter what web server you are running, it will just work. The only word of caution I have is to make sure and test things with the ‘Redirect Type’ in ‘Temporary’ mode first. Otherwise, your browser will cache the redirects and things will appear not to work correctly as you continue to make changes.

Go ahead, download the plugin and give it a try!

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