mPress Menu Wormhole

You know the movie “Inception”? Well, this plugin is the “Inception” of WordPress menus. It allows you to easily add a menu as a submenu to another menu.

Order Posts by Word Count

The Order Posts by Word Count plugin creates a widget that lists posts in order by word count. Posts can be sorted in ascending or descending order and you can select how many posts you want to show. The widget can be used in the sidebar or any widgetized area.

Tickle Me WordPress

Tickle Me WordPress is a fun security plugin. As of WordPress 3.0 and higher, the WordPress login form shakes back and forth on failed logins. Rather than return helpful error messages to potential hackers, this plugin returns the message “Oh… that tickles!” instead.

Better Menu Highlighting

The Better Menu Highlighting plugin makes WordPress menu highlighting more intelligent by highlighting menu items based on what section of the site you are in, rather than only highlighting a menu item when you are on that exact page.