Better Menu Highlighting

The Better Menu Highlighting plugin makes WordPress menu highlighting more intelligent by highlighting menu items based on what section of the site you are in, rather than only highlighting a menu item when you are on that exact page.


For example, let’s say you have an ‘Events’ link in your main navigation menu. If you visit the main events page, WordPress will automatically highlight that menu item. If you were to then click through to a specific event, the ‘Events’ link would no longer be highlighted because you are not on that specific page. This is the default way that WordPress handles menu highlighting. Once you install the Better Menu Highlighting plugin, visiting a specific event page would keep the ‘Events’ menu item highlighted automatically since you are still within that section of the site.

Additionally, the Better Menu Highlighting plugin allows you to highlight a menu item based on the current post type. For example, lets say you have a ‘Blog’ link in your main navigation menu. If you want the ‘Blog’ link to highlight when you are on a single blog post, you can simply edit the menu item in the WordPress admin and, under the ‘Highlight if post type is’ field, check the ‘Post’ option. This will ensure that when you are on a single post, the ‘Blog’ menu item will be highlighted.

This plugin is compatible with UberMenu.