Using the wp_array_slice_assoc() WordPress Function

The wp_array_slice_assoc() WordPress function allows you to extract a subset of data from an associative array given a list of keys.

Function Overview

wp_array_slice_assoc( array $array, array $keys )

(array) (Required) The original array.

(array) (Required) The list of keys.

Sample Usage

Let’s start with a simple array of items:

$list = array(
    1 => 'Item 1',
    2 => 'Item 2',
    3 => 'Item 3',
    4 => 'Item 4',
    5 => 'Item 5',

Now, let’s use the wp_array_slice_assoc() function to pick just the items we want to work with:

wp_array_slice_assoc($list, array(1,3,5));

The result is a list of the items we explicitly requested by key:

  1 => 'Item 1',
  3 => 'Item 3',
  5 => 'Item 5',

Note: The resulting array will keep the original keys.

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