View Submitted Form Data in Chrome

If you’ve ever needed to inspect the form data after submitting a form on a web page, you should take a look a closer look at the Network panel in Chrome developer tools. You can click on an HTTP request, which for a POST request is typically the first one in the list after a form submission. Once you select the HTTP request, Chrome will reveal more information on that request. Under the ‘Headers’ tab, you will be able to find the ‘Form Data’ section that contains the data that was submitted as part of that request.


Note, that if the form has an enctype attribute of multipart/form-data, then the data will be under the ‘Request Payload’ section in a slightly different format.

10 thoughts on “View Submitted Form Data in Chrome”

    1. Your ability to view submitted form data in the browser isn’t a security issue. After all, you provided the data and the browser is local. Password fields have to be submitted in plain text. However, if you are submitting a form on a site that doesn’t use HTTPS… then I’d worry about security.

  1. I have a form that is being submitted that I need to view the header and response information for.. as soon as a submit the page the data in dev tools come up but then immediately redirects. Is there way to stop it with that response information still viewable? hope that makes sense.

    1. All you need to do is check the Preserve log checkbox in the network panel. This will ensure that all data is saved to the log even after a redirect. This is also helpful when trying to debug redirect issues.

      1. Thanks Micah I actually googled it and found that out but thank you for your reply!

        Can you suggest a comprehensive course on chrome dev tools, do you happen to have one out?

        1. At the moment, I do not. I was supposed to give an hour long presentation on the topic this weekend, which would have been recorded, but have been laid up in bed sick instead. Maybe I can put together a nice little video series when I’m feeling better.

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