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Last Updated December 13, 2020
Latest Version 1.0.3


The Shortcode Scrubber plugin allows to you to confidently manage plugins and themes that use shortcodes.

  • Have you ever gone to disable a WordPress plugin not realizing that it had shortcodes you were using?
  • Have you ever wondered what shortcodes are available for use on your site?
  • Have you ever wondered what plugin or theme provided a specific shortcode so you know where to look for documentation?
  • Have you ever discovered broken shortcodes displayed on your site?
  • Have you ever wanted to prevent content editors from using a specific shortcode?
  • Have you ever wanted to clean up old shortcode content?
  • Have you ever run into shortcodes that won’t process other shortcodes?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the Shortcode Scrubber can help!


  • When active, all broken shortcodes displayed on the site are automatically hidden.
  • When active, all shortcodes are auto-magically nestable.
  • Ability to view all registered shortcodes and whether it is provided by WordPress core, the active theme or a plugin.
  • Ability to easily find all uses of a specific shortcode across all posts, pages, custom post types and widgets.
  • Ability to disable individual shortcodes temporarily or permanently remove all uses of a shortcode.
  • Ability for developers to create extensions that can manage shortcode migrations (e.g. Visual Composer to bootstrap compatible markup or shortcode to Gutenberg block conversions).
  • Clean, well written code that won’t bog down your site.