First Steps to WordPress Security

WordPress security is an important consideration, but often site owners don’t think about it until it is too late. Like most things, the Pareto principle applies: If you can do a few simple things (20%), you can prevent most security issues (80%). In addition to prevention, you can also take a few simple steps that will … Continue reading First Steps to WordPress Security

Tweaking WordPress Image Quality

Optimizing images for use on the web can significantly reduce page load times for image-heavy websites. What many people don’t realize is that WordPress automatically applies a 90% quality level to all JPEG images. This helps to conserve disk space and reduce bandwidth. However, if you are optimizing your images before you upload them, you … Continue reading Tweaking WordPress Image Quality

Anatomy of a WordPress Project from a Pricing Standpoint

A common misconception with WordPress sites is that the number of pages makes a difference in the price of a project. It used to be, back when static web pages were the status quo, that each page was hand-coded in HTML. However, in the age of content management systems like WordPress, that is no longer … Continue reading Anatomy of a WordPress Project from a Pricing Standpoint