Redirect Old Domain to New Domain via .htaccess

When you migrate a site from one domain to another, it is very important that you don’t break all the links that you built to your old domain. Proper redirection of all the pages on the old domain to the same location on the new domain will ensure that visitors to the old domain will…… Read More

How Google Sees Your Site

Ever wondered exactly what Google can and can’t see on your website? ¬†Well, we are actually referring to what ‘Googlebot’ can see. ¬†Googlebot is Google’s web crawler. Let’s take a closer look…

Local Business Search Marketing

All too often, I talk to small businesses that are trying to target their local market and want to do search engine optimization.  They try to target high volume search terms such as ‘lawn care’ or ‘electricians’.  If you are trying to reach your local area through online marketing, there are some simple things that…… Read More

Sitemaps – What are they and do I need one?

Most people understand what a sitemap is… it is a map of your website!  What most people don’t understand is that there are different types of sitemaps and different reasons for having them.

How Search Engines Work

Search Engine Optimization is the art of taking a website and helping search engines, such as Google, realize the importance and relevance of the site for specific search terms. Search engines utilize automated software to find, read, record, rank and return web pages.