Shortcode Scrubber Plugin Released

The Shortcode Scrubber plugin is a powerful tool for confidently managing plugins and themes that use shortcodes. Most commonly, a site owner or web professional may want to remove a plugin from a site. Unfortunately, shortcodes are a bit of a hidden feature and disabling a plugin could potentially cause shortcodes in a hidden corner […]

The Euclidean Algorithm in PHP

The Euclidean algorithm is a mathematical formula for efficiently determining the greatest common divisor between two integers. It is great for simplifying fractions. Yep, I can see your eyes glassing over already. If you really want to know more about this algorithm other than my code snippet, just read the about Euclid’s algorithm on Wikipedia. […]

Check for Broken Links!

How many times have you been to a website, found a link that sounded interesting, and clicked on it only to be taken to a page that says ‘page not found’?  Broken links can be extremely frustrating for your website’s visitors.  They can also be costly to you if visitors can’t access your sales or […]