Customizing WordPress Post States

What are WordPress post states? Post states are essentially just labels that show next to the title of a post or page in the WordPress admin post or page list view. As you can see below, WordPress uses these labels to highlight certain pages or types of content. If you have set a static homepage…… Read More

How to Hide a Plugin from the Installed Plugins List in WordPress

When is it OK to Hide Plugins? You probably don’t want to make hiding plugins from users a regular occurrence, however, it can make a lot of sense when trying to provide a curated WordPress experience. For example, let’s say you’ve created a platform where your clients get a turnkey website that allows their restaurant…… Read More

Increasing the Max Results Returned from the WordPress REST API

Generally, the defaults associated with WordPress REST API responses are very reasonable. Case in point, there aren’t many situations where you would really need to get more than 100 results in a single API response. Pagination is supported, so in most cases loading more results is simply a matter of making an additional request. Sometimes…… Read More

Shortcode Scrubber Plugin Released

The Shortcode Scrubber plugin is a powerful tool for confidently managing plugins and themes that use shortcodes. Most commonly, a site owner or web professional may want to remove a plugin from a site. Unfortunately, shortcodes are a bit of a hidden feature and disabling a plugin could potentially cause shortcodes in a hidden corner…… Read More

Browser Caching of 301 Redirects

Many people don’t realize that browsers cache 301 redirects. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another. It only makes sense that a browser should cache a 301 redirect, after all, it is permanent.

Web Redirects and the Law of Specificity

A common mistake when setting up multiple redirects for a website is failing to put them in the correct order. Typically, the person setting them up realizes that order is important; but it isn’t always clear how the redirects should be ordered.

Redirect an Old Domain to a New Domain with .htaccess

If you have decided to change your site’s domain and are hosting your old site on an Apache server, then redirecting traffic to the new site is relatively simple. The most important aspect of the move is to ensure that you don’t lose visitors and that you don’t lose any existing rankings with the search…… Read More

The Euclidean Algorithm in PHP

The Euclidean algorithm is a mathematical formula for efficiently determining the greatest common divisor between two integers. It is great for simplifying fractions. Yep, I can see your eyes glassing over already. If you really want to know more about this algorithm other than my code snippet, just read the about Euclid’s algorithm on Wikipedia……. Read More

Check for Broken Links!

How many times have you been to a website, found a link that sounded interesting, and clicked on it only to be taken to a page that says ‘page not found’?  Broken links can be extremely frustrating for your website’s visitors.  They can also be costly to you if visitors can’t access your sales or…… Read More